Topic Examples

Some of the presentations & workshops Mr. Dervaes has given are inspirational/motivational lectures, Urban Homesteading® discussions and workshops, ecological living, self-reliance, sustainable farming and sustainable cooking. Content varies based on current news and developments, and the overall goals for the event he is participating in.

Urban Homesteading: Eating and Living off the Grid

Since 1983, Jules Dervaes and his family have been living a protest against corporate control of the food supply by working, growing and living of their small city lot. They now grow over 6,000 pounds of produce annually on a one-fifth acre residential lot in Pasadena, CA (1/10 acre garden). Their project incorporates alternative energy, transportation, and back-to-basics practices. Mr. Dervaes will present steps individuals can take where they are and with what they have, to become independent and live as responsible stewards of the earth.

This presentation will include a screening of the 16 minute film short HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION ( introducing the Urban Homestead project and how a simple urban backyard was transformed into a sustainable and productive city oasis.

Free the Seeds and our Food – Our Earth, We Dig it.

During World War II, Victory Gardens were planted in backyards to help offset food shortages.

Today‚Äôs new “war” is also a global war, which goes beyond nations and individuals. Now, the existence of the entire planet itself is in jeopardy. For this reason, Freedom Gardens grows beyond the narrow, national patriotism of the old-fashioned Victory Gardens

Mr. Dervaes will present why we should take the mindset of the Victory Garden movement and with battle lines drawn in the dirt of our backyards, patios or whatever available place, find our freedom through the planting of a garden. Freedom Gardens® is modern gardening era/movement for the 21st century resulting in efforts to become free of foreign oil, GMOs, corporate controls, contamination and food miles while creating a sustainable future by promoting local food production.

In addition to speaking about Freedom Gardens, Mr. Dervaes will address the world’s seed supply and Monsanto’s control of our food. By launching his “Free the Seeds” campaign, Mr. Dervaes is calling for people to fight the mono-control of our seeds.