Rates, Fees & Discounts

Mr. Dervaes's normal fees are expense reimbursement for travel, auto rental or other form of transportation, meals, lodging and any associated fees, as well as full payment of honorarium.  (Los Angeles / Orange County exempt from travel expenses)

(All fees are tax-deductible through "Dervaes Institute" and the full amount goes toward growing the family-run outreach and educational services.)

Mr. Dervaes' versatile speaking style can confirm to your needs. Some of his engagements have been:

  • Single lecture with powerpoint slideshow and showing of "Homegrown Revolution"
  • Inspiration and educational speech for Students / Educators
  • "Deconstructing the Urban Homestead" Workshop with showing of "Homegrown Revolution" and an in-depth powerpoint with the 10 Elements of Urban Homesteading (up to 3 hours)

(* Los Angeles / Orange County exempt from expenses)

To inquire about speaking engagements, personal appearances and workshops,
please fill out this easy to use web form

Can't afford the fee but want to schedule an event?

Mr. Dervaes will consider negotiating the amount of his fee for organizations whose work he particularly supports, when an appearance is local (or if it can be combined with other event(s) in the area), or when no charge will be made to the attendees.

Depending on associated expenses or time constraints, we can work together to come up with an arrangement that will suit all parties. We understand that some groups can provide more support than others. Because we do not want cost to be a deciding factor in bringing such an important event to your community, we will work with you on ideas and alternative resources.

You can also send in a request to be notified when Mr. Dervaes will be in your area. One way of reducing Mr. Dervaes's fees is by arranging for multiple opportunities for his visit to be profitable (example: contacting other organizations to arrange for multiple speaking engagements throughout your area).

Send us your name, location and request. All contact information is kept confidential and not sold, distributed, or shared in any way.